Aristocrat Real Estate provides real estate consulting services of high professional standards. We are ABI’s (Association of Real Estate Brokers) partner agency  and we follow the  European real estate standard.

Areas where we function: Corbeanca, Otopeni, Balote?ti and DN1’s adjoining areas.

Services for owners

Do you want to sell or rent a property?
Aristocrat Real Estate offers consulting services for clients in order to optimize the  necessary processes for a successful transaction:

- Comparative Market Analysis
- Assesment of a realistic price
- Promotion through most appropriate media’s channels
- Assistance during negotiations with potential buyers

We also provide assistance for:
- Cadastral surveying services
- ANEVAR assessment services 
- Energy Certificates


In addition, for the owners of houses / villas, we provide Property Management services. Click here for more details.



Services for buyers / tenants

Looking for a Property?
For buyers or property tenants, we propose a professional way of working,  ensuring the highest quality services, in several steps:

The first step
Identifying customer’s needs, terms and conditions
Presenting the buying / renting process
Cooperation’s confirmation, by signing an agreement

Step two
Offering market analisys and available offers on the market
Removing uninteresting offers
Establishing the visites

Step three
Visiting properties
Checking the ownership’s documents
Presenting special warnings about property

Step Four
The selection of properties
Making the offers for the ones you are interested in
Negotiating the best price

The last step
Assistance during the negotiations of the clauses
Signing the contract

You are welcome!
Real Estate Aristocrat Team